Abuse is neither protection nor love

What is happening to my country is heartbreaking and terrifying. Since March, the government has robbed us of our fundamental freedom; they took power over every aspect of our lives. They surveil us like suspected terrorists; they give us fines for not obeying arbitrary orders; they forbid us to earn a living, pushing a growing number of citizens into financial destitution.

To defend those totalitarian policies, they claim to protect us. Do they really protect us when they forbid us from providing for our families and forming healthy human relationships?

The "protector" starts to look more like an abuser than a benevolent figure.

The government is transforming our national creativity, youthfulness, Chutzpah, and freedom into total submission to the State. They are making us their slaves.

First, then put us in a digital prison. All of our online activities are monitored. They know who we meet, how long we spend with our friends, where we shop, where we walk. They trace every action we take during the day. It's one of the most intrusive surveillance systems in the world. Does it sound like an abuser power play or a benevolent protector?

Second, they forbid us from earning a living and be financially independent. Without jobs and earnings, citizens are reliant on the abuser to survive. As the State creates more unemployed, ruined businesses, more people become totally dependent on welfare and loose financial freedom. Soon, most families in Israel will depend on the State's "benevolence" to give them enough money to survive.

Third, they force on us in a social jail. Israeli society is built on human relationships; we are friendly, chatting, fun-loving people. Doing things together is our strength. The effect of this control is more pernicious, but it is the most dangerous of all. We will soon forget how to smile at each other, welcome the stranger among us, and even entertain a normal conversation. We are already forbidden to burry our deads together or celebrate our children's weddings. We are kept away from each other, because, for an abuser, division and isolation are tools for control.

They now control us digitally, economically, and socially, they haven't yet hopefully achieve total control on our thoughts and common sense for survival. There is a way to break from an abusive relationship, but it requires determination and risk-taking. Let's hope that enough Israelis will want to break free and build a more secure environment. Our future is in our hands!

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