Celebrating the Festival of Freedom under Curfew Sucks!

It doesn't matter how well our Prime Minister speaks; there is nothing good about spending the holiday of freedom under confinement and in isolation. Israeli are very adaptative, and we already found some original ways to keep a certain familiarity and optimism under those circumstances. Regardless of our opinions towards the curfew, almost all of us will dearly miss the chaotic meal usually shared with families and friends.

We need to acknowledge the sacrifice, pain, and anger we feel tonight. We shouldn't underestimate our craving for real physical human contacts, like hugging a child, kissing a parent, meeting a friend. Losing those interactions goes against human nature even if it's only momentary. If we don't acknowledge the emotional cost of the curfew, the enormity of the situation, we will fail to free ourselves from it. Pesach is a story told from generation to generation to remember how the Jewish people who were once slaves in Egypt gain their freedom. Why are we repeating the same story every year? To recall, to form a collective memory, and to make sure that the next generations will know that slavery isn't a way of life. Living under curfew and confinement isn't a way of life. Our ancestors valued freedom, and it is not ours to throw away. We have a moral commitment to passing this value to the next generation. Our ancestors were angry at being slaves; it's time for us to be outraged by this new un-natural way of living. If we stay apathetic and repress our feelings of discomfort and anger, we will lack the motivation to fight for our freedom back. Let's all have a happy curfew Seder this year, but let's promise ourselves that we will all work very hard to avoid a similar situation in the future. Isolation cannot become the norm in our society; we need to remember this affliction to prevent it in the future. We all need to say now loud and clear:

Pesach under curfew: never again! Next Year in Freedom

Happy Passover Chag Sameach

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