Fellow citizens, WAKE UP before it is too late!

Our politicians are destroying our country, and if we don't take a stand against their mandates, we will find ourselves living in a totalitarian regime.

Look around you. Our politicians are surveilling us as terrorists; they are putting us under house arrest like criminals. They are taking away our livelihood to make us financial slaves to the welfare system. They are preventing our children from being educated and forming normal social relations. Little by little, they take away all our civil liberties and our ability to stand as FREE men and women. I never thought that the country I made my home could turn into a totalitarian state, but the current reality shows that I was wrong.

Our cynical politicians use our beautiful value of choosing life over death to make us obedient citizens to save their towers of megalomania and power. Anyone not willing to blindly follow their orders is now labeled an enemy of the State.

They claim that those steps are necessary to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. Even if we accept the assumption that lockdowns prevent the spread of the virus - which is highly controversial even among medical experts - are we sure it doesn't cause more deaths? For every life, we potentially save today, how many deaths are we actually causing in the future? How many individuals don't get early screening for cancer or other life-threatening conditions, how many people are too afraid to go to a hospital, how many are falling into depression and loneliness, and how many children and women are becoming victims of family violence? Did we stop caring about those, or are we already so brainwashed by our media and politicians that we fail to realize they are real.

Did we forget that a good medical system needs resources and cannot function without a viable economy? We might all want to live in a fairytale where money doesn't matter - but it does. Money matters for buying life-saving machines, screening technology, and new medicine. What do you think will happen to our medicine basket when the country is on its knees economically? The government wants to make us believe that there is no limit to how much money they can spend, but that is a lie. Countries, especially small ones like Israel, have limits on how much of a budget deficit they can run before they are refused loans on the international market and find themselves at the brink of bankruptcy. Public spending will have to be cut in the not very distant future, welfare benefits will have to be reduced, taxes will have to increase, and Israel, the Start-Up Nation, will become a much more impoverished and less prosperous country.

We have nothing to gain by going along with our politicians' lies, but we have a lot to lose. If we don't take a stand against those insane totalitarian policies, we will lose our civil liberties and our economic independence and well-being.

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