I Value my Freedom, do you?

It is not very popular this day to talk about freedom, but that is precisely why we should.

How much more of our liberty are we willing to give up to combat this virus? Is there a way to keep our freedom and deal with a pandemic?

COVID 19 isn't the first and last virus to come our way. It is, however, the first virus that became the famous character of a pathetic reality show, aka the 8 o'clock news.

The bureaucrats called now to "save us" weren't able to build a train from the Capital city of Jerusalem to the airport until a year ago. They weren't able to bring soap and food to our soldiers fighting in Gaza in 2014. They had starving soldiers at the Lebanese border in 2006. Do you think this time will be different and that our bureaucrats and politicians will succeed in managing this so-called phenomenal pandemic?

So far, what they succeeded in doing is taking our freedom! The days we aren't obedient enough, our Prime Minister administers a new punishment in the evening. They ask us to stay away from crowded inside places, so we went to the beach and parks, but then they took away the beach and the parks. Those measures aren't part of a dystopic science fiction book; it's Israel today!

Whatever the final results of this experiment in sanitize dystopia are, the government will twist it as to appear the "saver" as China already does. Yes, the virus will abide as all viruses do, regardless of any government intervention.

But this time, we gave our politicians, a new toy to play with, our freedom. And if COVID 19 was the first virus to send citizens in forced quarantine, it won't be the last threat we encounter. By giving up our freedom today, we are allowing our government to decide for us when it's safe enough to go to work, visit our friends, take our kids to the park for years to come.

I strongly doubt that our civil liberties will go back to what they were before insanity took over the world.

The virus can be fought back without imposing curfew laws. Individuals are capable of making decisions for themself and their families, especially when it comes to crucial issues, such as health.

Individuals assess their risk factors and behave accordingly based on information from decentralized social circles. This natural mechanism was the norm in fighting diseases until a few weeks ago. It is efficient because it is geographically and timely flexible.

As individuals hear news of people in their social space being sick and aggravated by the virus, they increase their level of protection. If the threat is very high, individuals will follow a stringent isolation mechanism, short of a few psychopaths and sociopaths, people don't want to make themself or their loved one sick. Communities with no reported sickness continue with their routine. Human survival instinct is still better at protecting us than any benevolent super brain with AI.

Israel fought and won many wars without restricting individuals' lives as it does today. Is the COVID 19 the most dangerous threat Israel has encountered since 1948?

I doubt it; what I do not doubt is that those measures will become part of the public policy tool kit. Our government will relentlessly use it in the future.

I am not willing to give them the right to imprison me, massively surveil me in the name of any danger without at least expressing my discontent.

I value my freedom!

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