Israel way is bottom-up, not top-down

Let's transfer back the responsibly to the people away from the bureaucrats.

Israelis showed they could be trusted. Citizens came together, fought a terrific battle against the virus, and dealt with the emergency. The round of applause belongs to every Israeli. We show our care towards each other, our solidarity, and our readiness to sacrifice a lot in times of distress. We did the same in the past and will do it in the future. However, this crisis feels different. In the past, the government relied on the citizens to do the right thing in the face of danger. The restrictions we took upon ourselves as individuals and as a nation were until now totally voluntary. The last time I remember the country coming to such a halt was during the second intifada that killed thousands of Israelis. The difference is that during the second intifada, the government informed and recommended restrictions but delegated its enforcement to the individual. We voluntarily adjusted to the threat, we put security guards at school entrances, we avoided crowded places, we kept distances, we traveled less on buses. The government never banned any activities, nor closed "dangerous" businesses nor put us in lockdowns. So why is it that now, the government felt that voluntary actions taken by its citizens would not be adequate? Why did the government stop trusting its citizens and forced on them coercive policies as it had never done before? The citizens haven't changed; Israelis are very responsible individuals ready to sacrifice a lot to save a life.

Israel is strong when decentralized, the bottom-up way of thinking works in the army, in high tech and everyday life. It is the source of our successes, the drive of our innovations. Without this individuality and freedom, the chances for a quick recovery are getting lower.

Our government needs to trust us again and treat us like the responsible adults we are. No need to surveil us like suspected terrorists. No need to dictate how many meters are allowed out of the house, which activities are "positive," what to wear, which sport to practice, which business is safe enough to visit. Those measures don't protect us; they only control us. This is not the Israeli way to deal with emergencies.

Israelis are beautiful, caring, smart, and innovative; we only need to regain our freedom to protect the country and drive the road to recovery the Israeli way. Happy Birthday Israel!

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