Keeping the High-Risk population Safe without Destroying the Economy

Why not ask the high-risk population to stay home until testing is available, while others continue with their life.

How can we save the economy, and our individual liberties without risking a health hazard?

The government wants to protect its elders, and it is recommendable but is closing the economy helping them?

The individuals at high risk of contracting the COVID 19 are also at high risk of bankruptcy if the economy goes into a bad recession or a depression. It isn't easy to switch jobs in an economic crisis after a certain age. Individuals close to retirement are directly hurt, seeing the value of their life savings shrinking rapidly in front of their eyes.

It might be worthy of looking at alternatives.

Isolating at a cut-out age of 65 or lower for the sake of prudence will protect most of the population at high risk. Younger adults and children can carry on with their lives, except for visiting grandma and grandpa for a while.

The cost of guaranteeing constant wages and retirement benefits to a portion of the population will undoubtedly be less than the cost of supporting a whole community during an economic recession.

Families, or government services for the neediest, can ensure that older citizens do not lack anything, are in good spirits, and maintain their health. They should also be the first one tested, catching the disease earlier may help the outcome. Slowly, the circle of non-contagious friends will expand, and life could revert to some normality.

An economic recession is almost inevitable, but keeping at least a subset of individuals at work could moderate its impact.

In Israel, 69% of the 55-64 years old work, but only 16% over age 65. Working older individuals have more experience, useful in a remote work environment. They have fewer school-age children to disturb a " work from home" routine.

I am pretty sure that most older adults, like myself, will agree to adapt if it meant that our children will have a job tomorrow.

Please let's think out of the box!

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