The right to have babies

This week the High Court ruled that surrogacy is now legal for all Israelis regardless of their marital status and sexual orientation, opening the road to parenthood for same-sex couples and single men. This ruling came a year after the government voted against allowing gay men to use surrogacy in Israel.

Until this ruling, only individuals deemed "good" enough by the Surrogacy Board were allowed to become parents. The "acceptable" future parents being different-sex couples or healthy single females. The "unacceptable" are same-sex couples, single men, or single women with damaged eggs.

Raising children is an essential value; some would say the highest value of Israeli society. The country unequivocally praises families and parenthood. In this context, for many same-sex couples or single individuals, the idea of not realizing the dream of motherhood or fatherhood is distressing.

The solution for the "unacceptable" was, until now, to find a surrogate mother abroad. After birth and proof of parenthood through DNA testing, the State of Israel will register the child as an Israeli citizen on the population registry. This "after the fact" hypocrite and unfair process causes enormous financial and emotional hardships to Israeli citizens forced out of the country for wanting to become parents.

The ruling will be discussed after the elections in the Knesset. Hopefully, this time, our politicians will approve the right to use surrogacy for all citizens regardless of their sexual preferences.

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