The story of Rafi Dayan:

an entrepreneur who struggled for the right to have an organic chicken farm

Rafi Dayan owns private land in the South of Israel and he decided to invest his own money in an organic chicken farm. The farm grew to host 600 chickens that produced exceptionally high-quality organic eggs, a delight for Isreali breakfast.

Unfortunately, Rafi had forgotten the Chicken and Egg Council dictatorship on this market. Or he might not have believed how far they will go to avoid competition.

By law, to be allowed to grow chickens and produce eggs, the Council has to approve the farm; it then dictates the production quota for this specific farm. Finally, the Council sets the prices and distributes the poultry and eggs.

So when Rafi started its organic production and sold its eggs, the Council became very threatened by the possible compettion, and they brought a lawsuit against him in which they demanded the immediate dismantlement of the farm. Instead the Court gave Rafi the right to keep its chickens until their deaths (without replacing them) and give the eggs to non-profit organizations. Rafi accepted the judgment and even declared "one egg given prevents one egg from being sold by the council, that's my victory."

But the Council, in his strict Soviet-style, then declared Rafi's eggs "illegal" and banned him from donating them. As Rafi refused to abide and continued donating eggs, the Council workers arrived at his farm on January 19, took all the chickens and eggs, and instantly stopped Rafi's organic chicken farm from operating.

Rafi Dayan's poultry farming was one of the cleanest in Israel; it was built privately by a talented entrepreneur. Only the Council saw it differently; for them, Rafi is a threat to their incredible privileges. They want to continue operating in a centralized, monopolistic system far away from possible competition like Rafi.


In the picture: Rafi after the Council raid. Rafi offers tours to his farm, he is still allowed to grow vegetables and make cheeses.

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